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Black Heels

Black High Heels in Strappy, Platform, Peep Toe, Wedge, Stiletto & More Styles

Look for cheap black heels in stiletto, wedge, kitten and other heel types and then take your high fashion shoes straight to a dance club. Our black pumps & heels for women will keep your feet looking great and feeling comfortable as you salsa, samba, mambo, rumba, cha cha, or dive feet first into the Lindy hop. Wear stiletto heels to foxtrot or waltz, or wear chic wedge heels to line dance at a local country and western nightclub. Try black platform pumps and other styles when you want to reflect the very latest fashion trends.

If you want black high heel for dancing, browse the styles foudn below. Our women's pumps & wedges will keep feet comfortable and looking sensational.

Wear strappy black high heels for dancing, whether you're heading out to tango, foxtrot, salsa or line dance.

With black high heels and pumps from ShoeDazzle, you can kick up your feet in style at a local dance club. Our designer women's pumps give you extra height on the dance floor, and our obsessive attention to quality and fit means that you'll move effortlessly whether you're tangoing until dawn or learning to rumba. You can wear stiletto high heels for Latin dancing, or low heels, but a good idea is to invest in strappy styles, which help to lock your feet into place while providing plenty of movement. Platform pumps for dancing can be a good choice because these chunky women's shoes don't force you on your tiptoes, but some dancers prefer a more lightweight high heel shoe.

Sexy black heels will steal the spotlight as you mambo, cha-cha, samba or bust out your other favorite freestyle Latin dance moves. Look for pumps with sexy cutout styling, textured metallic accents, dazzling laser cut perforations or other design details that will dazzle eyes as you dance. Twirl and turn in stiletto high heels or other designer pumps and earn perfect "tens" from amateur judges Saturday night at the club.